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Who doesn’t love to seeĀ a carpet of Bluebells in the wood?

If you haven’t got a wood but have a few trees or a heavily shaded area, this mixture will create a beautiful natural display of flowers.


Wild Angelica – White Flower – Height 150-250cm
Bluebell – Blue Flower – Height 10-50cm
Ramsons – White Flower – Height 10-50cm
Sneezewort – White Flower – 50-100cm
Foxglove – Purple Flower – Height 30cm
Primrose – Soft Yellow Flower – Height 10cm
Wood Sage – Yellow Flower – Height 25-50cm
Betony – Red/Purple Flower – Height 25-50cm
Hedge Bedstraw – White/Cream – Height 25cm
Ragged Robin – Pink Flower – Height 75-100cm
Hedge Garlic – White/Cream Flower – Height 50-125cm
Hedge Woundwort – Purple Flower – Height 25-100cm
Wood Avens – Yellow Flower – Height 25-100cm
Birdsfoot Trefoil – Yellow Flower – Height 10-40cm
Foxglove – Purple Flower – Height 30cm
Self Heal – Purple Flower – Height 20-30cm

The below species of grass are slower growing and won’t out compete the wildflowers.


Sweet Vernal Grass
Slender Red Fescue
Sheeps Fescue
Crested Dogstail
Browntop Bent

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80% Grasses & 20 % Wildflowers, 100% Wildflowers


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