JS4B Slow Regrowth Fine


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An attractively natural-looking mixture of fine-leaved, short growing, low competitive amenity grasses producing a slow growing sward requiring the least cutting. This mixture, when sown at low rates will produce an ‘open-textured’ sward, ideal for the establishment of wild flora, whether from seed or plugs. This mixture is particularly suited to the establishment of golf roughs or any other conservation area.

Sowing rate: 10 gms/Metre square without the inclusion of wild flora or 3 gms/Metre square with the addition of wild flora. 25-35gms/sq metre for lawns. If their is any doubt about the quality of the soil or the soil temperature at time of seeding increase application rate to 40-50gms/sq m and apply a pre-seeding fertiliser

Add wild flower seed at a rate of 1gms/Metre square.


30% TROPHY Chewings Fescue
25% RIDU Hard Fescue
25% SAMANTA Slender creeping red fescue
15% BORNITO Sheep’s Fescue
5% HIGHLAND Browntop bent grass

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