JS41 Good Doers and Laminitics





5Kg Timothy
2.5Kg Meadow Fescue
1.5Kg Smooth Stalked Meadowgrass
3Kg Creeping Red Fescue
1Kg Chewings Fescue
0.5Kg Mixed Herbs

13.5Kg per acre

Why Jubilee recommend the above grasses for good doers and laminitics / prevent laminitis in horses and ponies

1) Timothy is very palatable to horses
2) Meadow Fescue is a good replacement for perennial ryegrass because it is very persistent and winter hardy
3) Meadow Fescue also has a leafy regrowth which is lower in sugar levels
4) Creeping Red Fescue which as its name suggests has creeping roots. These roots create a strong underground system that will strengthen the base of the mixture and reduce poaching
5) This mixture will also grow really well on clay and wet soils

Why use JS41?

1) Healthier grazing
2) Reduce the risk of laminitis

This mixture is better suited to larger areas of grazing (no more than 1 horse per 2 acres)

Additional information

Weight 13.5 kg


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