JS1 Shady


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Formulated for adaptation to areas of lower light intensity and the associated stress problems of dry, compacted soils and lower nutrient availability. Apply pre-seeding fertiliser before sowing. Recent research has demonstrated that Rough stalked meadow grass copes well with cold and shade.

Uses: Lawns and Landscaping. Under tree margins, in building shadow, areas susceptible to drying out or equally happy under full sun.
Sowing rate: 35 to 50gms/Metre square
Mowing Height: In heavy shade Down to minimum 25mm. General mowing height: Down to minimum 15mm


15% WAGNER Chewings fescue
15% TRIANA Hard fescue
15% REGGAE Slender creeping red fescue
40% HERALD Strong creeping red fescue
10% SABRENE 1 Rough stalked meadow grass
5% HIGHLAND Browntop bentgrass

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