JS1 Shade

If the health of your turf is an issue in shaded areas, County Shade provides the solution. This medium texture, low-maintenance turf is grown using grass cultivars which flourish in a shaded environment. It is grown for a minimum of 18 months before harvesting. County Shade is suitable for use in municipal gardens, shaded landscapes and lawns, all recreational areas and on golf tees and racecourses.


For all Turf enquiries and orders please call 07739 363633 or email: [email protected]




The solution heavily shaded areas found under trees or beside buildings.

Key benefits

  • Very aggressive with unique stoloniferous creeping ability
  • Medium texture – grown for a minimum of 18 months before harvesting
  • Exceptional wear from heavy foot traffic
  • Drought tolerant
  • Frost hardy
  • Disease resistant
  • Superb year round colour
  • Low maintenance – 50% less mowing than a conventional Rye lawn
  • Fertilise 2-3 times a year



Grass Species – 100% Supra/Supranova – Poa Supina

Supina Bluegrass

Lateral above ground stems (Stolons) grow outwards from the main plant reproducing more shoots as it develops, enabling the plant to repair itself in a continuous manner. Native to Alpine areas, it is the last grass to fall into dormancy and the first to actively grow in the spring. JS1 has been specifically produced to flourish under the changing climate.

Roll Size Standard – Roll 1 m2 (610mm wide x 1.64m long)
Big Roll – 20m2 (740mm wide x 27.1m long)
ExtraWide Big Roll – 35m2 (1250mm wide x 28m long)
Super Big Roll – 70m2 (2500mm wide x 28m long)
Washed Turf Roll – Available in all above sizes
Soil and Thickness – Grown on sand/sandy loam and standard thickness 15-20mm

If you are looking for seed and not turf for a shady situation please see JS16 –


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