UK Native Dry Soils


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The species in this Dry Soils mix can be found in the wild in areas with low water retention.


Forget Me Not – Blue Flower – Height 30cm
Yellow Rattle – Yellow Flower – Height 30cm
Catsear – Yellow Flower – Height 15-80cm
Perennial Daisy – Yellow and White Flower – Height 25cm
Cornflower – Blue Flower – Height 90cm
Sheeps Sorrell – Red Flower – Height 25cm
Kidney Vetch – Yellow Flower – Height 10-40cm
Dropwort – White/Cream Flower – Height 25-50cm
Lady’s Bedstraw – Yellow Flower – Height 30cm
Meadow Buttercup – Yellow Flower – Height 30-90cm
Oxeye Daisy – Yellow and White Flower – Height 60cm
Yarrow – White Flower – Height 30-100cm
Field Scabious – Pink/Purple Flower – Height 75-100cm
Sainfoin – Pink Flower – Height 25-50cm
Salad Burnet – Red Flower – Height 30-40cm
Wild Carrot – White Flower – Height 90cm
White Campion – White Flower – Height 30-60cm
Musk Mallow РPink Flower РHeight 40-70cm
Ribwort Plantain – Brown and White Flower – Height 10-50cm
Vipers Bugloss – Blue Flower – Height 80cm
Add Poppy and Cornflower for extra colour

The below species of grass are slower growing and won’t out compete the wildflowers.


Sweet Vernal Grass
Slender Red Fescue
Sheeps Fescue
Crested Dogstail
Bent Grass
Meadow Grass

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80% Grasses & 20 % Wildflowers, 100% Wildflowers


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