UK Native Clay Soils Mixture


Composed of species that are adapted to growing on soils with a high clay content. Clay soils are generally mildly acid to neutral, prone to waterlogging, sticky and heavy when wet, and hard to crumble when dry.

A mix of 19 native wildflower species and 6 species of grass. The species in this mixture are found on clay soils, which may retain water occasionally, yet dry out and crack open in the summer.

Sowing Rate; 5gms/sq metre, 20kg/acre


Wildflowers Species:
1% ROUGH HAWKBIT leontodon
1% BETONY stachys officinalis
1% DEVILSBIT SCABIOUS succisa pratensis
1.5% COWSLIP primula veris
2% MEADOW VETCHLING lathyrus pratensis
2% RAGGED ROBIN lychnis flos-cuculi
2% TUFTED VETCH vicia cracca
2.5% FIELD SCABIOUS knautia arvensis
3% WILD RED CLOVER trifolium pratense
4% YARROW achillea millefolium
5% BIRDSFOOT TREFOIL  lotus corniculatus
6% RIBWORT PLANTAIN plantago lanceolata
8% LADYS BEDSTRAW galium verum
8% OXEYE DAISY leucanthemum vulgare
10% SELF HEAL prunella vulgaris
10% YELLOW RATTLE rhinanthus minor
10% COMMON SORREL rumen acetosa
11% COMMON KNAPWEED centaurea nigra
12% MEADOW BUTTERCUP ranunculus acris

Grass Species:
5% COMMON BENT agrostis capillaris
15% CRESTED DOGSTAIL cynosurus cristatus
20% SHEEPS FESCUE festuca ovina
20% SLENDER CREEPING RED FESUE festuca rubra ssp. litoralis
20% STRONG CREEPING RED FESCUE  festuca rubra ssp. rubra

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Weight 1 kg


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