Early Spring can be a difficult time for grass establishment- especially when there’s an immediate requirement to look smart, luscious and green. Whilst for those looking for instant, high quality results, the use of turf is often a matter of course at this time of year, establishing it can 

be a difficult process that requires careful soil preparation and trimming- often in awkward sites with poor access.

Now, thanks to vastly improved breeding technology, a grass seed mix of rapidly establishing annual rye grasses with longer-establishing, but high quality finer grasses can be a cost effective and convenient solution that rivals the quality of laid turf.

A product such as Jubilee Seed’s RAPID enables this immediate growth- providing the all important short term greening but with the addition of longer-term quality and a turf like finish.

“Annual ryegrass germination can take as little as four days”, explains Dr Tim Lodge of Agrostis Sports Surface Consulting. “It’s the fastest to establish of all grasses- creating a near instant green effect but also crucially acts as a nurse crop allowing the slower growing perennial grasses to establish with non weed cover.”

“The annual grass will die out having done it’s job- leaving the high quality finish of the established finer perennial grasses. It will grow pretty much anywhere too, with comparatively little soil preparation.”

“At this time of year soil temperatures are likely to be low. RAPID will germinate in soil as low as 3 Degrees Centigrade” he adds. “It’s no longer a requirement to wait until later in the season to sow grass seed! This is a serious tool in the arsenal of landscapers- especially when dealing with tricky or hard to reach sites.”